PhD Research Project: Quantum gate and Qubit visualization using a Bloch Sphere A visualization of a Quantum bit (Qubit) and several Quantum gates using a Bloch Sphere. Quantum gates are transformations to a qubit. These transformations are visualized through rotations of a globe. A globe is used for easy understanding of ‘north’ (0) and ‘south’ (1) pole of the sphere. This visualization includes an easy to […]

Summer Space Program 2012 Team Project: OASIS: Operations And Service Infrastructure for Space

Humans are explorers by nature, striving to reach new heights and expanding horizons. The need for adventure pushes us to break our assumed limits and reach higher than ever before. In the age of technology, it is time to break the chains of Mother Earth and build a new home throughout the Universe. The ultimate […]

Masters Thesis: A practical method for estimating performance degradation on multicore processors, and its applications to HPC workloads

When multiple threads or processes run on a multicore CPU they compete for shared resources, such as caches and memory controllers, and can suffer performance degradation as high as 200%. We design and evaluate a new machine learning model that estimates this degradation online, on previously unseen workloads, and without perturbing the execution. Our motivation is to help data center […]

Knowledge representation final project: Belief Revision using Action Language A

It is commonly believed that we all have some sort of knowledge. The knowledge that you hold is revised when new information is received and it con icts what you currently hold to be true. Whether it is a revelation about a complex matter such as finding out about being adopted [8], or something smaller such as the […]

Machine Learning Final Project: Image De-noising using ICM and the Expansion Algorithm

Image de-noising is a process to remove the noise from an corrupted image. This report shows that image de-noising can be reduced to an energy minimization problem when certain energy functions are used. Then we implement two energy minimization functions ICM, and the Expansion algorithm. These are both then extended to also work with eight neighbor schemes instead of […]

Undergraduate Honours Project: Evolving Genetic Algorithms

Evolution is a process that uses very simple changes and little complexity to create very complex systems over time. The most complex systems we know of today (living organisms) is a product of evolution over countless generations. However regardless of each systems current complexity, each started out at a very simple state. This was the […]